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Our Summer Series has 6 events through the summer showcasing our instructors, classes, and the properties that line our Mission Bay! Use our schedule to find the events that fit for you and book your spot!

San Diego is known for its amazing weather, beautiful coastline, and incredible resorts that line our bay! NXPT Fitness is a staple of San Diego outdoor fitness and has been providing classes in-studio and on the beaches and bay for over 14 years!

This fitness series is the collaboration of our 6 Bay Resorts and NXPT, coming together to provide fun and exciting fitness based events all summer long to keep you and your family healthy while enjoying your San Diego summer! Come tour each of these one-of-a-kind Bay Resorts, enjoy the best class San Diego has to offer, and stay for brunch, all summer long!

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Book your spot today!

Online scheduling

A little about NXPT Fit

NXPT specializes in group fitness. Our programs are built to accommodate all fitness levels in each of our classes to ensure everyone can enjoy their experience while reaching their goals. X45 is our trademarked class which represents 45 minutes of Cross Training, using functional movements, and done under intensity! SpinX is our indoor cycle studio which offers amazing instructors leading you through rhythm rides, hill rides, sweating it out or preparing you for your next Triathlon!

YogaX is our indoor Hot Yoga Studio, where we host classes like Sculpt, Vinyasa, and Power Yoga! Our instructors at NXPT range from qualified and passionate trainers, to professional athletes that love to teach what they practice! All in all, we have strived to create an environment where you can get world class training, but know your trainers names as they know yours, be invested in your health and see how much we are invested in you!

Try any of our classes for 10 days UNLIMITED for only $10 at NXPTfit.com, and see why San Diego has voted us the #1 fitness studio for over 7 years!